A friend and I practicing Raag Kafi in vilambit teental

Its still a work in progress, but here is Raag Bhairav in Jhaptal, and teental

Hey All, I’ve finally posted a  new video – this is a performance of Raag Kafi and Raag Jhinjat at Redeemer Prysbyterian on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.  The second composition is called Jhinjat and I’m accompanied by Andrew McCLean playing Sarod. Andrew is my teacher here in New Orleans and also a great friend and mentor.  I should also note some of the Kafi composition was taught to me by my first music teacher, Hiran Goswami, who gave me an excellent foundation in the tradition.

Alex Legge on Tabla, Jayur Mehta on sitar, Ashley on Tanpura, and Andrew McClean on sarod.


2 responses to “Ephemera

  1. Sagar Nitinkumar Mehta

    A wonderful compose and magical touch on instruments force me to listen these all again and again..!!
    Indeed a great work..!


  2. Rinku Ambegaonkar

    Wow what an amazing performance Jayur I am really proud of you ! You have inspired me today to open my sitar and actually practice. Thank you.


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