The Details

Something is very wrong with these dates?!?


Most of my work is available through Google Scholar and JSTOR;

below is a random assortment of unpublished and published works. 

Click below to access my Curriculum Vitae,

Jayur Madhusudan Mehta Curriculum Vitae

I recently presented a paper at the Southeastern Archaeological Confernece using the Annales concept of conjuncture, click here to read, Conjuncture and Mound Summit archaeology,  and see here for the images, SEAC presentation

Here is a link to report I’ve written on geomorphology at an archaeological site in the Mississippi Delta, Mehta et al 2012

Click here to read about my studies into the Resiliency of the Native American Gulf South

Here is a PDF of a recent presentation on mound construction at Carson,
Mehta 2013 SEAC

My Dissertation about “Native American Landscapes in the Lower Mississippi Valley”

My Masters thesis, Sweat Lodges in the Southeast, “A Study of Sweat Lodges in the Southeastern United States”, University of Alabama

An article derived from my masters thesis, An Archaeological Study of Sweat Lodges

A brief biography of Jeffrey P. Brain, Biography of Jeffrey P. Brain

A research article on ceramic production at the Anna Mounds, Adams County, Mississippi, Standardization of ceramic design

A slide show on depictions of spiders in Native American artwork Spider slide show


My honors thesis, Indian music and Identity, “How Traditional and Non-traditional Indian Songs Serve to Maintain and Change Cultural Forms Throughout the Generational Process”, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

One response to “The Details

  1. Royal Typewriter article – Maison Blanche:
    Hi, I’m writing a book for Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America” series on the Maison Blanche department store chain. One of my early-stage research strategies is to troll google “images” to see what turns up, and your photo of the typewriter’s receipt turned up.

    I’m wondering if you’d give me permission to use the photo in my book, and if you have a higher-res version of the photo you could send if you’re willing to give me permission. Thanks!



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