Continuing fossil hominins

Today we kept going with a discussion of later australopithecines and the genus homo. I reviewed the evolutionary dead-end of the robust australopith line, using this as an opportunity to discuss mosaic evolution and how there isn’t a single genetic lineage from us to our last common ancestor with chimps.

I reviewed Oldowan stone tool industries, who was likely responsible for them (potentially a. garhi, definitely homo erectus, likely others), and what the features of the homo taxon are.  We reviewed the spread of homo erectus, the development of neandertals and homo sapiens, and then multi-regional and out of africa models.

For a 101 class that can’t really get into detail with anything, I think we covered the big points of human evolution. Friday, we wrap up with behavioral modernity, the late stone age, and then transition into the agricultural revolution.  fun stuff!


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