Service learning at the Woodlands Conservancy

This weekend,  my introduction to environmental studies class went out to work in a bottomland hardwood forest owned by the Woodlands Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the last stand of forest between the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans. You can find their website here,

We’ve worked with the Woodlands folks before – last year we helped develop forest inventories, and this year we’ll be doing more of the same, documenting native and invasive plant species, and mapping out long-term study plots.  This past weekend we just went to the forest and planted a bunch of native trees like oak and cypress,  and went on a guided tour of the forest with some local master naturalists. It was an excellent weekend and we’re all looking forward to going back out in another month!

Check out some of these awesome pics!

IMG_9366 IMG_9369 IMG_9388 IMG_9394 IMG_9396 IMG_9401 IMG_9407 IMG_9410 IMG_9412 IMG_9429 IMG_9430 IMG_9439 IMG_9442 IMG_9459 IMG_9461 IMG_9479 IMG_9489


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