2014 Carson Mounds Video

Hey All,


I’ve finally published a video from our 2014 excavations at Carson,  its about 30 minutes long,  but I think pretty thorough,  enjoy!

And thanks again to all the students, my wife, my adviser, and Rick Marksbury for making the field school happen!




August 13, 2014 · 11:49 am

2 responses to “2014 Carson Mounds Video

  1. Please add some share buttons to your blog so that I can tweet and post this to FB.


  2. Nikki

    Love the video!!! I’m actually on my way back out to Carson this morning to help Connaway with a few things! He mentioned that we might be doing some work on House 31! I was a part of the Ole Miss Field School this summer and loved being over there. We worked on the set aside and on Mound B. Today I’m taking my daughter out with me to see how she likes it. 🙂


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