Travels in the Yucatan


Monument to the Maya,  Merida, Paseo de Montejo

Hey All!  So I’ve been traveling lately in the Yucatan,  mostly between Merida, a wonderful post-colonial city, and Las Coloradas, a tiny fishing community on the north coast. I’ve been helping a buddy of mine on an archaeological project – mostly I’m just contributing my skills in soil science and geology,  but also helping out occasionally with mapping and boat captaining.  That is right,  we have to take a boat out to the site every day,  which is not nearly as awesome as it sounds.  Boats,  while awesome, also rarely work as planned.  This translates to us getting to the site only infrequently.  


The lancha, or boat, that takes us to the site.  


Scott Johnson,  PI,  the guy who is running the show.  Scott is a Tulane grad and all around cool guy.    

Anyways,  the town we’re staying in is pretty cool – its called Las Coloradas and the town is built around salt manufacturing and fishing.  There are some pretty nice folks around town and its a generally quiet place to hang out. There is no cell service out there,  but we do have wifi, so thats cool!  We’re actually staying at biopreserve and there are a ton of great folks staying with us working on saving sea tortoises and flamingos – which btw,  are everywhere!  


A random street in Las Coloradas


A flamboyance of flamingos in the estuary behind our island.


Some of the baby sea turtles they save at the biopreserve. 


The beach just behind our house. 


The crew and a stormy day out at the site. 


The vegetation covered pyramid. 

So every day we have to load up our gear and ourselves, and motor over from the barrier island where we’re staying to the archaeological site.  Without saying too much (since this project is sponsored by National Geographic,  I can’t say, write, or post too much about the archaeology),  the site was occupied for a fairly long time, possibly with a well defined Terminal Classic component.  My hope is to help demonstrate salt was being produced on the site, especially since the estuary adjacent to the site is full of hyper-saline water.  

Anyways,  I’ve posted a big group of photos below –

check it out! 


Market street in Merida.ImageThe Crew! Image

The Crew, posing again.Image


Alligator on site,  yup, that big! Image

The cathedral in the plaza mayor,  so amazing!ImageImageImageImageSunset at Las Coloradas,  setting over the gulf. 




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2 responses to “Travels in the Yucatan

  1. Looks fantastic and a great way to spend the summer!


  2. Evan

    Glad to see you’re enjoying Yucatan my friend!


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