OSL, single aliquots and grains

I’m writing here soliciting some thoughts and comments on OSL and its uses in archaeology.  I can’t help but wonder why whenever I bring up the technique around geologists, they love it, and when I utter the three letters around archaeologists,  I always get a grumble and something dismissive.  In my own readings,  I’ve come to understand the nuances of the technique, particularly the sensitivity of the technique in terms of resolving absolute dates when sediments are mixed and improperly bleached – my question is, are any of you archaeologists out there using this technique in your own work? if so, how?  what issues are you coming across?   I work in an environment where burned houses and earthen construction are incredibly common,  both of which can be dated precisely with OSL techniques (caution necessary) as long as samples are collected properly and the depositional environment clearly demarcated.  If anyone wants to get in touch and talk out issues regarding OSl,  send me an email or drop a comment. 


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