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The Southwest and the Southeast

Hey All – brainstorming here about similarities between the Southeast and the Southwest and will take any comments or suggestions –

1)  Iconography –  both have iconography vaguely reminiscent of Mesoamerica; i.e., think of the plumed serpent vessels from Chaco and the Hawkman iconography in the SE. 

2) Maize – no brainer,  maize had to come from somewhere and it came from Mesoamerica.  Shows up in the SW by around 2KYAo and in Hopewell contexts a few hundred years after Christ.

3) Platform  mounds – all over the Hohokam area and all over the Mid-continent and SE

4) Chaco and Cahokia have a roughly contemporary cultural progression… 

5) Ah!  And the Turk,  the Pueblo Indian Coronado picked up while traversing the SW, told him that a city of untold riches lay just beyond a huge river (Cahokia maybe?).



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