Southeastern Archaeology and Student Affairs Committee

Hello Everyone!  The Student Affairs Committee of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference is looking forward to hosting several events at the upcoming conference in Baton Rouge, LA.  We will host a Student Luncheon (please note, previous registration is required), a Student’s Workshop, and a Student’s reception.  The Lunch is Thursday, noon to 1 and the workshop is Saturday, 9-11.

 The Student Affairs Committee will also be holding elections after the November SEAC for the following positions – Chair-Elect, webmaster, and one member-at-large. 

This year’s workshop is entitled

Participatory Engagement in Archaeology: The Sustainable Empowerment of Multiple, Interested Voices and an abstract is given below.

At a fundamental level, archaeologists seem to spend a significant amount of time navigating the relationship between their personal research interests and public engagement with their work. Engaging in this process pushes the archaeologist to understand how to turn these daunting interactions with the public, often fraught with misunderstanding, into meaningful and useful relationships.  This workshop seeks to explore how archaeologists can navigate these relationships through various forms of public outreach and engagement.  In particular, workshop participants will focus on how university-based field projects, museum work, and cultural resource management firms (CRM) engage with the public in a productive, educational, and sustainable way.  And, building on the discussion of these projects participants will engage in a dialogue to addresses common problems associated with public perceptions of archaeology. Finally, participants will undertake a necessary exploration of solutions to these problems based on case studies and previous work that resulted in sustainable partnerships with the interested public. 

This year’s Student’s Luncheon is entitled Research Possibilities within a CRM Environment and an abstract is given below.  Please remember that if you would like to attend the luncheon, please register ahead of time with Jayur Mehta at 
Archaeological research happens in a variety of settings. Research opportunities can be found in CRM, government, academic, and non-profit environments. Our panelists are experienced researchers and will share their research experience outside of academia. Discussion topics will include drawing on gray literature in research, how to conduct research in a CRM environment, and disseminating research through outreach, collaborations, and publications.

The reception for students will be held on Thursday from 5-7 pm..  We look forward to seeing you there!”


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