Carson Field Season 2012

Hey All,  well,  today is the beginning of my 2012 season at Carson, and I’m staying here in town at the amazing Owl’s Roost, John Ruskey’s place on the Sunflower River.  For those of you who’ve never heard of John Ruskey,  he’s one of the most knowledgeable river guides I’ve ever met.  He’s paddled the Mississippi from Minnesota to New Orleans in everything from a hand-built raft to a dugout canoe to an aluminum grumman.  Anyways,  he’s really great and he was kind enough to rent his awesome apartment to me.  If you want to learn more about him or just learn more about canoeing the Mississippi,  go to – if you want to be particularly impressed, read about Ruskey’s three day voyage from Memphis to Vicksburg via canoe during the 2011 flood,–Rising.html?page=all

Today’s post is just to say hello and let the interwebs know I’ll be updating my Carson fieldwork for the next few weeks,  expect updates every week on Sunday.  The fieldwork this year will focus on reestablishing the 2011 trench and continuing excavation of the trench to the summit of Mound. In addition to placing some units on the summit of Mound D,  I’ll place some units around Mound D in places where the 1894 Bureau of American Ethnology surveyors mapped in additional small mounds, and also aim to collect some OSL and AMS samples from an many different contexts as possible. Since I’m lucky enough to have more than a few

Today was a pretty big day at the site as workers started clearing a lot of the small brush and trees off of Mound D in anticipation of our work.  I’ve posted a few pictures here, and I’ll post up more once the mound has been cleared off.

Soybeans just getting going..

Cotton buggy

Mound D, looking west


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