Student Affairs Committee of Southeastern Archaeology needs new members

Hello Everyone! 

 I, Jayur Mehta, am the current chair for the SEAC Student Affairs Committee.  The Student Affairs Committee is looking for new members, including the new Chair-Elect!  The Student Affairs Committe is soliciting applications for two-members-at-large, one webmaster, and the new Chair-elect. We welcome any and all students from any institution to apply for the committee. You can be an undergraduate or graduate student, just as long as you are a student during your term. The Student Affairs Committee is designed to aid students of Southeastern Archaeology, both at the annual meetings and through their tenure of study.  Being involved with the committee is a fantastic opportunity to get more involved in SEAC, meet new people, and give back to other students around the Southeast!  

If you are interested, please email Jayur Mehta, with your name, email, home institution, the position you are interested in, and a brief statement about why you wish to join and ideas for future SEAC meetings.  Please send the email by December 23rd, 2011 .  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions and feel free to find us at SEAC! Remember, this is a fantastic opportunity and WE WANT YOU!

Responsibilities for the Chair-Elect: 

The Chair-Elect’s main job during their first year in this position is to learn what they will need to do when they are Chair.  This includes attending both the mid-year board meeting at the SAAs and the Executive Board meeting at SEAC, helping the Chair to put together updates andworking with other members on tasks. The chair-elect assits with the planning of SEAC Student Affairs Committee events.  

Web Master:

The Web Master has the responsibility for getting information on to the SEAC student website in a timely and appropriate manner –  The Student Affairs committee webmaster works in tandem with the SEAC webmaster. A request for information to be added can come from the Chair and/or the SEAC Executive Board.  


There are three Member-at-Large positions – we are currently soliciting two members-at-large. They assist with student-related events at SEAC.  For examples, tasks such as brainstorming and vetting ideas for lunch forums and workshops, contacting potential speakers, organizing student events at the annual meeting, setting up and cleaning up student events, and introducing speakers can be asked of members-at-large. 

All the best,



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