Public Archaeology Grant

Hey All,  SEAC just posted for its 2011 Public Archaeology grant,  it is a great grant that gives scholars and interested individuals the resources to teach to the public about archaeology.   You can find out more at the link below, or just reading the posting below it.



The Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC), in order to promote public awareness of archaeology in the Southeast, supports a program of small grants to finance public outreach projects. SEAC provides an annual grant of $2,000 per year to an applicant through a competitive application process.

Projects proposed for grant funding should promote public awareness of archaeology in the Southeast through any of a variety of educational and outreach activities. Examples of suitable projects might include: teacher workshops, printed material for the public, exhibits, workshops for adults or children, Archaeology Week/Month activities, Project Archaeology workshops, Elderhostel programs, archaeology fairs, public field trips, or other public-oriented projects.

The competition is open to anyone in or near the traditional boundaries of the southeastern culture area, and all proposals must have some tie to the southeast. For purposes of the grant, southeastern states are defined as: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee; border states are defined as: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The 2012 Grant Cycle is now beginning, and submissions are requested. Information about the SEAC Public Outreach Grant—including a history of the grant, description, requirements, and a grant application—can be found on the SEAC web site at

All submissions must be received by the committee chair no later than December 1. For additional information or queries contact Mary Kwas, Committee Chair, Arkansas Archeological Survey, 479-575-6549 or


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