Geometric Earthworks of Pre-Columbian Western Amazonia

What did the Amazonian Indians look like?  How did they live?  Were they small scale hunter-gatherers or were they living in complex societies in the jungles of the Amazon?  If we are to use geoglyphs and the archeological record as an indicator, it appears that very developed, sophisticated societies were present in Western Amazonia in prehistory. In the states of Acre, Amazonas, Rondonia, and Riberlalta over 400 geometric earthworks have been documented.  These structures are low walls of earth that have been formed into geometric shapes. Most often,  these earthworks were linear, circular, and rectangular – many of these were detected through remote sensing and aerial photography. Very few artifacts are found in these glyphs.  Questions yet to answered, 1) Who built them?, 2) How old are they?, and 3) Are they related to the indigenous residents of the area?


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