Break is over

Winter break has come, gone, and now I have new beginnings to begin.

A new house, a new semester, a new decade, many new thoughts on which to spend

time, energy, efforts, ideas, wishes, and dreams.

A new social life, a new physical life, a renewed life

with a wonderful animal takes steam on these new days.

The semester begins again, but now I have many more miles  to travel.

Meandering on my bike down the river levee, it will bring me

closer to the sun and to the river, its large grass covered tumulus

winding its way down the bend, hopefully inspiring

fleeting moments of contemplation

that leave me free to wander and roam, take that other road,

dreams too short in the end.


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One response to “Break is over

  1. expandingelderfamily

    Wishing you happiness in this exciting time in your life….with a new friends…starting Phd…may this decade be the BEST in your life.


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